Welcome To Regional Ayurveda Institute for Fundamental Research, Pune
Regional Ayurveda Institute for Fundamental Research, Pune formerly known as National Research Institute in Basic Ayurvedic Sciences is a leading research centre of the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences , Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India. It was established in May, 1961 by the Indian Government with a view to carry out survey, collections and cultivation of medicinal plants used in Ayurveda. Intially activities of the centre were limited chiefly to the development and maintenance of the demonstrative garden and to certain extent experimental cultivation of medicinal plants. In order to accelerate the research activities, the Council merged the Pharmacgnosy Research Unit functioning at Indian Drug Research Association, Pune with Jawaharlal Nehru Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants Garden and Herbarium(Presently Regional Ayurveda Institute for Fundamental Research, Pune) in 1980 and established a Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory in 1990. Recently, Institute developed a molecular biology lab focused to work on the fundamental research on the principles of Ayurveda. One Quality Control Laboratory, for drug standardization has been setup. Furthermore, the centre maintains a small library, a herbarium and a reference museum of medicinal plants particularly of Ayurvedic importance.

Mandate of the Institute: (F.No 12-30/2009-CCRAS/Estt. Dated 15th Dec, 2009)

Design, carry out experimental molecular biology and genetic studies on different doctrines and basic principles of Ayurveda.


  • To explore the concept of Prakriti ( psychosomatic constituents) in co relation with Genomics and Proteomics profiles.
  • In situ, ex situ and in vitro experimental cultivation, conservation and propagation of RETO (Rare, Endangered, Threatened and Overexploited) Medicinal Plants.
  • Standardization of Ayurvedic drugs (Pharmacognosy).
  • To develop and use cell based bioassays to explore the activity and mechanism of Ayurvedic drugs.
  • To identify DNA finger prints and Bio markers of selected medicinal plants.
  • To identify and selectively amplify genetidc markers through RAPD.
  • Literary research: Compilation and publication of the book "Database on Medicinal Plants used in Ayurveda".

Services Available
  • Demonstration of medicinal plant garden to the researcher, students and other visitors.
  • Authentication of Medicinal Plants.
  • Pharmacognostic Studies on medicinal plants/drugs
  • Need based Training cum re-orientation program in : - Plant tissue culture - Pharmacognosy - Cell biology/Pharmacology - Moleculer biology - Phytochemistry

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