Molecular Biology Department

The DNA fingerprinting analysis (RAPD) of plants is the primary activity done in this laboratory. The changes in expression of genes can be analyzed using sophisticated instruments such as Micro-Array assembly and RT-PCR unit.
The molecular biology unit is furnished with PCR, RT-PCR, Micro-Array assemblies, Electroporator, -20 0C & -800C freezers and Sonifier.The UHPLC-MS/MS QTOF assembly in this laboratory is a key feature in analyzing the biological samples qualitatively and quantitatively.

Sl.No Name of the author Title of paper Journal /Bulletin National/ International ICV
1. Sonali Goraniya, Nayana Tusamda, Amey R. Shirolkar, Gajendra Rao, S. N. Murthy, Sharad D. Pawar Molecular analysis of Manilkara hexandra Roxb. and Averrhoa carambola L. using RAPD markers helps to understand genetic variations. Int. J. Pharmacy and Pharm. Sci., (2013) International 4.50
2. Tusamda N.I., Goraniya S.P., Shirolkar A.R., Murthy S.N. and Pawar S.D. RAPD PCR Fingerprinting of Artocarpus lakoocha Roxb and Pterospermum acerifolium Willd to understand phylogenetic linkage. J. Plant Genomics (2013), 3(1): 39-41 International 4.57
3. Chinmay S. Mulye, Amey R. Shirolkar, Bishnupriya Dhar, S. N. Murthy, Sharad D. Pawar. RAPD-PCR analysis of Bixa Orellana L. and Salacia chinensis L. to study genetic diversity. Communicated to- Int. J. Advanced Biotechnology and Res. International 5.09

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