The Pharmacology and Cell biology Department of RAIFR is highly equipped for working on the verge of principles of Ayurveda and of modern sciences. The laboratory has maintained several human and animal cell lines. These are used for analysing the effects of Ayurvedic preparation, in terms of their mode of action and pharmacokinetic aspects.
The laboratory is equipped with high profile instrumentation such as Inverted Microscope, Fluorescent plate reader, ELISA plate reader, Cell counter, CO2 incubator, -20 0C freezer Biofuge, Lyophilizer, Cryopreservator and Biosafety Cabinet.
Moreover, the department is efficient in analysis of Antibacterial, Antifungal and Anti-oxidant potential of various Ayurvedic drugs and formulations. The laboratory is well equipped with instruments such as Laminar hood, BOD Incubator, Incubator-Shaker and Biophotometer for the testing of antimicrobial potential of the drugs.


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