It is the study of the phytochemicals where these are derived from the plants. It is mainly applied to quality control of Ayurvedic medicine or herbal medicine of various chemical compounds. The phytochemical investigation of a plant involves various activities such as - Extraction of the plant material by using different techniques i.e. Maceration, Continuous hot extraction using Soxhlet apparatus etc.; Extraction of essential oil/volatile oil using Clevenger’s apparatus; separation and Isolation of organic compounds/constituents of the interest from plant extracts by using different techniques such as Column Chromatography, Preparative Liquid Chromatography etc.; Quantitative evaluation and Qualitative Tests by performing TLC and HPTLC experiments with different kinds of reagents and solvents, including Ash and Acid-insoluble ash, LOD, pH determination, etc. Ongoing projects: The phytochemical screenings and preparation of APC monographs of certain medicinal plants are carried out as ongoing projects in this lab.

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